What are the rights and obligations of the high school student?

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Are you a high school student and would like to know your rights and obligations? You have rights that you can exercise alone or together (freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of publication). You also have obligations. These rights and obligations prepare you for your responsibilities as a citizen. Rules and regulations The following describes how they are applied in your school.

Your individual rights are as follows:

  • Right to protection from physical or psychological violence
  • Right to respect for one's work and property
  • Freedom of conscience, information and expression

You must exercise these rights with tolerance and respect for other students and adults. The defamatory or offensive remarks are prohibited.

If you are major, you can perform the following administrative formalities alone:

  • Register at an establishment (or cancel a registration)
  • Choose your orientation
  • Appeal against a decision of the class council
  • Apply for a scholarship
  • Rules and regulations Sign your institution's
  • Justify your absences
  • Receive school correspondence (such as transcripts or summonses). To do this, you must make the request to your institution.

Freedom of assembly

This right is exercised in every high school.

You cannot request a meeting on your own. You can group with other students to do this, through your delegates or a high school association.

The delegates students or a high school association then request permission to organize a meeting outside hours of classes at the head school. In particular, they must explain to him the purpose of the meeting.

The school head may object, particularly if the meeting might disturb the normal functioning of the school. It may also decide to accept the organization of the meeting. In this case, it can provide you with a place to welcome you.

Freedom of association

Creating an Association

You can create an association in your high school if you are of age.

The articles of association must be deposited with the head of establishment and validated by the board of directors.

The association may be domiciled in the establishment.

Please note

the association must respect the principles of neutrality and secularism (it must not be politically or religiously active).

House of the high school students

It is an association that replaces the socio-educational home. All high school students can join.

Its management (presidency, secretariat, treasury) is provided by high school students who have at least 16 years old.

The Maison des lycéens can organize or participate in cultural, sporting or humanitarian events.

Freedom of publication

You can write a post and distribute it freely in your high school.

However, such publication shall not prejudice the rights of another person. Nor must it be contrary to public order, be abusive or defamatory.

If not, you are in infringement and you can be punished. The head of establishment may also suspend or prohibit the dissemination of this publication.

The head teacher shall make billboards (and if possible a room) available to student delegates and the High School Delegates Council.

The rules and regulations has rules that you must follow in the classroom, in the school and around it.

In particular, you must respect the following school rules:

  • Respect the authority of teachers
  • Respect course and activity schedules
  • Show up with their correspondence booklet and the necessary equipment
  • Do the work the teacher asked for
  • Enter class and walk the corridors calmly
  • Entering high school with proper dress
  • Adopt correct language
  • Be respectful towards adults and other pupils inside or outside the school, including through the use of the internet
  • Respect and defend equality between girls and boys.

You are also prohibited from engaging in violent behavior, and from participating in a dangerous or humiliating game for another student.

You must also respect the equipment of the establishment and keep the premises clean.

Concerning use of the mobile phonerules and regulations , the processor shall specify whether it is authorized, limited or prohibited. Rules and regulations rules and regulations If the restriction or prohibition is provided for in the directive, the penalty for use shall also be provided for in the


he is no smoking or vaping in schools. Alcohol and drug use is also prohibited.

You risk a punishment or punishment rules and regulations planned by the

Example :

if you forget your school materials, your teacher may punish you with an extra assignment.

Some serious acts, such as hazing may be punished criminally.

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