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Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVG)

Verified 03 March 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Instrumental abortion: the role of midwives

Published on 3 March 2022

Law No. 2022-295 of March 2, 2022 to strengthen the right to abortion provides that midwives will be able to perform IVI instrumentally (also known as surgical) in a health facility.

However, this new jurisdiction will only be possible when an order in council is issued in October 2023.

Pending the issuance of this decree, the information presented on this page remains current.

A pregnant woman, including a minor, who does not wish to continue a pregnancy may request its termination. The practice of abortion is regulated and several steps must be followed, before and after the intervention. During the consultation, pregnant women should be informed about abortion methods and have the right to freely choose one.

It exists 2 methods abortion:

  • Instrumental (surgical) abortion must be practiced in a health facility (hospital or clinic). Under certain conditions, it may take place in an authorized health center that has established a cooperation agreement with a health facility.
  • Drug abortion is practiced in a health care facility (hospital or clinic), city office, planning center, or health center.

The abortion technique used depends on your choice and the term of your pregnancy.

This choice can be made with the help of the physician or midwife during 1re or 2e medical consultation.

Not all public or private health facilities practice the 2 abortion techniques, so it is important to get informed as soon as possible.


the obstruction offense to abortion is punishable by 2 years imprisonment and €30,000 of fine.

There's no no age requirement to be respected.

If you are a minor, you can choose to seek the consent of your parents or legal representative and be accompanied in your abortion process.

However, if you wish to keep it secret, abortion is carried out at your sole request. In this case, you must be accompanied in your approach by an adult of your choice.

Timelines depend on the method chosen:

  • Surgical abortion can be practiced until the end of 14e pregnancy week, which is 16 weeks after the last menstrual period starts.
  • Drug abortion is practiced until the end of the 7e pregnancy week, which is a maximum of 9 weeks after the start of the last period.

2 medical consultations are mandatory before performing an abortion.

1st consultation

For 1re consultation, you can talk to a doctor, a midwife of your choice, or a family planning or education center.

Who shall I contact

In the course of this consultation:

  • You're asking for an abortion
  • You receive oral information and a guide on abortion
  • The doctor or midwife offers you a psycho-social interview (this is mandatory if you are a minor).

This consultation shall give rise to the issue of a medical consultation certificate.

2nd consultation

During the 2e consultation:

  • You get the 2e medical examination certificate
  • You confirm your abortion request in writing to your doctor or midwife.

instrumental abortion

The instrumental (surgical) technique consists of aspiration of the egg, preceded by dilation of the cervix. Opening the cervix may be facilitated by administration of a drug.

The procedure may be performed under local or general anesthesia. You choose with the help of the doctor the mode of anesthesia best suited to your situation.

Hospitalization usually takes a few hours, but the procedure itself takes about 10 minutes.

Psycho-social counseling is routinely offered after abortion. It allows you to talk about your situation if you feel the need.

Drug abortion

The drug technique involves taking 2 drugs (1er to terminate the pregnancy and on the 2ndnd causing the egg to be expelled).

The 2 drugs are delivered by the doctor or midwife.

The 1er can be taken in the presence of the doctor or midwife during a 1re consultation or at your home.

Taking the 2nd This medicine takes place between 36 and 48 hours after taking 1er in consultation or at your home.

This method therefore requires neither anesthesia nor surgery.


for teleconsultation (abortion in the hospital or city), drugs are prescribed by the doctor or midwife and dispensed by a pharmacy designated by the woman. This pharmacy guarantees confidentiality.

Abortion is managed at 100% as part of a flat rate with total exemption from advance payment of fees. This avoids disclosing this information in refund documents.

In the event of a fee being exceeded, your health complementary may possibly cover all or part of the costs not reimbursed by the Sickness Insurance if the contract subscribed so provides.

Surgical abortion

The cost of a surgical abortion is reimbursed by the Health Insurance at 100% on the basis of a variable flat rate.

This rate is between €463.25 and €664.05 depending on the health facility (hospital or clinic), type of anesthesia (local or general), and length of hospitalization.

Drug abortion in a health care facility

The cost of a medicated abortion, in a health facility (hospital, clinic), is reimbursed by the 100% on the basis of a flat-rate fixed at €282.91.

Drug-induced abortion in city medicine

The cost of a community drug abortion (medical office, health center, family planning and education center) is reimbursed by the Health Insurance at 100%, with rates fixed by order at every stage.

The doctor or midwife who carries out the entire abortion bill each of his steps for a lump sum payment which represents between €187.92 and €193.16.

One inspection visit must intervene between 14e and 21e day after surgery or drug intervention.

It helps ensure that there are no complications.

During the check-up, the doctor or midwife checks that you have a contraceptive method suitable for your situation.

The doctor or midwife offers you a psycho-social interview after the abortion, if you wish.

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