Health Check - Health Prevention Review (HPR)

Verified 29 September 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You can benefit from a health prevention exam (formerly free health check) if you are dependent on the general social security scheme or the Agricultural Social Mutual Society (ASM). This review is also available to insured persons under certain other plans. Evaluation may help screen for neglected disorders.

A health prevention review (formerly free health check), can be offered if you are covered by the General Health Insurance Scheme (CPAM) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA).

If you belong to a other health insurance scheme, you can request the conditions to benefit from this examination.

You are a priority for this exam if you are over 16 years of age, have difficulty accessing care facilities and are in a precarious situation.

You are a priority if you do not receive regular medical follow-up by a doctor or prevention offer devices:

  • Right holders inactive persons over 16 years of age
  • Job seekers and their dependants
  • Persons covered by personal insurance and their dependants
  • Beneficiaries of a retirement or early retirement benefit and their dependants
  • Other inactive insured persons (e.g. students and pensioners not working in addition to their studies or retirement, men and women at home, persons unable to work) and their dependants
  • People at risk to their health

However, any social insured person and those entitled under him may benefit from it.

This exam is free of charge.

This examination allows you to register or re-register in a health path linking care with prevention and support.

The content of health tests varies depending on the person's age, gender, and risk factors.

In all cases, the health prevention exam is an opportunity to take stock of your health and ask questions to a medical team in complete confidentiality. It also allows to be informed and directed, in liaison with the treating physician, towards the care structures.

Tests and screening actions

During this examination, various actions may be carried out in particular :

  • Blood sample
  • Urinalysis
  • Auditory test
  • Cardiopulmonary test


The prevention of cardiovascular disorders, the prevention of falls risks and participation in organized cancer screening are among the themes of the Senior SPE.

Health information

This review shall include the following time and points:

  • Information on health rights
  • Care Path
  • Devices for assisting the acquisition of a health complementary
  • Interaction time with health professionals (e.g. dentist)
  • Information on different themes (examples: addictions, physical activity)
  • Topics such as tobacco, overweight and obesity were discussed.

General Scheme (CPAM)

Your health insurance fund may invite you, on its own initiative, to register for a health prevention examination.

You can also contact her yourself to ask to take advantage of it.

The caisse will first send you a registration request to fill out, then a summons specifying the date, place and time of the exam.

A medical questionnaire is attached to the convocation and must be brought on the day of the examination. You must fill it out carefully, as it helps guide the examinations you will take and possibly trigger additional examinations.


The registration mode appears adding your postal code to the top right of the Ameli page.

Register for a Health Prevention Exam (HPC)

Agricultural Scheme (AMM)

You can contact your agricultural social security to request this exam.

Register for a Health Prevention Exam (HPM)

The examination shall take place at a social security examination center or an approved center.

It lasts about two and a half hours.

Depending on the centers where it is practiced, it can take place in one or two stages.

The tests may vary depending on the elements of the medical questionnaire you completed and the risk factors specific to your situation. A final interview will allow you to take stock of your health and if necessary to plan for additional tests.

An appointment with a specialized social worker can also be scheduled, in case of difficulties in the financial support of future examinations or care.

Please note

Preventive testing centers are not care centers. No care or prescriptions will be issued during this health prevention review.

The results are sent to you and, if you wish, a duplicate is sent to your treating doctor.

If you are part of the general plan and if your state of health requires medical follow-up, you can benefit from a consultation with your treating doctor, fully covered by the health insurance.