Do you have to insure your pet?

Verified 22 December 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

It depends on whether it's a potentially dangerous dog or another pet.

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Dog likely to be dangerous

If you are considering having a 1st or 2nd category dog, you must compulsory insurance guaranteeing your civil liability.

You can take out a specific insurance, called civil liability private life.

If you have taken out insurance multi-risk dwelling, the civil liability guarantee is included in your home insurance policy.

Other situation

No, you are not required to take out specific insurance for your pet.

But you are liable for damage to property and personal property that it may cause to a third party. This is whether your pet is under your care and supervision or has escaped or gone astray.

In practice, your home insurance includes a civil liability guarantee which helps to cover the damage that may be caused by your pet.

In the absence of insurance, you must compensate yourself for the damage and damage done by your pet.