Accident at work What is a

Verified 25 August 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Accident at work So that the recognized, you must justify 2 conditions following:

  • You were the victim of a accidental fact (sudden and unexpected) in the framework of your work
  • The accident caused you a physical and/or psychological damage

Accident at work The event giving rise to the sudden. That's what distinguishes it from the occupational disease.

The accident must be traceable to one or more events that occurred while you were under the authority of your employer.

It must also be definitively dated.

The accident is presumed to be of occupational origin as soon as it occurs on the company's premises, even during a break.

Accident at work However, the qualification of a person as a person may be discarded if the accidental event is the consequence of non-professional facts. For example, suicide in the workplace due to personal problems.

Please note

an accident that occurs during a vocational training course, even outside working time, shall be regarded as a accident at work.

The damage may be any of the following:

  • Cut or burn
  • Muscle pain that started suddenly after carrying a load
  • Fracture in fall or shock
  • Cardiac malaise
  • Emotional shock following an assault in the company

The recognition of an accident as being ofoccupational origin entitle the allowances following:


an accident at work shall not not be confused with the accident en route, whose consequences are different.

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