Should a hotel or bed and breakfast rental give a bill to the guest?

Verified 26 April 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

From €25, the hotelier or bed and breakfast tenant must submit an invoice, called note, to the customer, for any provision of services. We present you in detail its content, its preservation, etc.

The hotelier or bed and breakfast tenant has the obligation to submit an invoice to his client:

  • as soon as the amount of the benefit reaches €25 (VAT: titleContent included)
  • or if the customer requests it (regardless of the amount of the service).


This obligation to issue an invoice must be displayed in writing and legible to customers at the place of performance.

The invoice must contain the following information:

  • Contact details of the hotel or bed and breakfast
  • Date the invoice was written
  • Date and place of performance
  • Detailed breakdown, in quantity and price of each service
  • Total sum payable excluding taxes (excluding VAT) and all taxes included (including VAT)
  • Customer name, unless objected to by the customer

Please note

For more details, you can consult our page dedicated to mandatory information on an invoice.

The invoice must be drawn up in 2 copies :

  • Original delivered to customer
  • Copy kept by the hotelier or bed and breakfast renter

It may be submitted in paper format or electronics.

The hotelier or the bed and breakfast renter must preserve invoices (notes) during 2 years, in order of the date of drafting.

If the hotelier or bed and breakfast tenant does not comply with the obligation to issue an invoice, they risk a fine.

The amount of the fine is:

  • €3,000 if the trader is a natural person
  • €15,000 if it is a legal person

In the event of a dispute, the trader must propose a settlement tofriendly to the client, i.e. without going through a judge.

Customer can enter a consumer ombudsman, provided that he can prove that he first tried to reach an agreement with the trader by means of a complaint written.

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