Viewing city planning Permission in the Field

Verified 25 January 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

As soon as a city planning authorization or a decision of non-opposition is granted to you, you have the obligation to post this authorization on your land. This display must be maintained throughout the duration of the work.

You must display your permission on a panel from notification the order or from the date on which the implied permit (i.e. without writing) or the decision not to oppose is acquired.

The display shall be made by means of a rectangular panel at least 80 cm long and wide.

You can find this type of sign in DIY stores.

It must be settled in such a way that the information it contains is clearly legible on the public highway or in spaces open to the public for the duration of the work.

The display panel must contain the following information:

  • Name (for an individual)
  • Business name (for a civil business)
  • Corporate name (for a commercial business)
  • Name of the architect who created the architectural project
  • Date of issue of the permit and its number
  • Nature of the project and land area
  • Address of the town hall where the file can be consulted

If the project provides for constructions, the display panel shows the floor area authorized and the height of the building(s) expressed in meters in relation to the natural ground.

If the project involves a subdivision, it shall specify the maximum number of lots foreseen.

If the project involves a campground or residential recreational park, it shall give the total number of pitches and, where appropriate, the number of pitches reserved for light recreational dwellings.

If the project provides for demolitions, it indicates the area of the building or buildings to be demolished.

Please note

when you have a implied permit (i.e. without writing), you must display the receipt of deposit of the permit file sent to you by the City Hall.

The notice must state that the author of the authorization and his beneficiary must be notified of any appeal or legal action.

Indeed, during 2 months from 1er field display day, your neighbors can to challenge the authorization which has been granted to you. They then perform a free appeal to the mayor who issued the authorization.

The sign shall be uninterrupted and remain in place throughout the duration of the work.

It must be visible from the outside.


for short-term work, the sign must be displayed without interruption for 2 months, even if they last less long.

In the event of a dispute, you must provide proof that you have completed the posting formalities.

To do this, you need to establish the following 3 points:

  • Display Start Date
  • Display regularity
  • Legibility and visibility of the panel

Proof of this display may be established by any means.

The judges recognized that the testimony of individuals unrelated to the licensee could constitute evidence.

The beneficiary can also produce a statement of the Commissioner of Justice (former bailiff and judicial auctioneer) established during the posting period.

The absence of city planning authorization posting on the ground does not make the authorization illegal.

However, it allows your neighbors to to challenge the authorization during 6 months from the completion of the work.

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