What is an Individual Hospitality Project (IAP)?

Verified 05 December 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Your child is suffering from a health disorder or a long-term illness and his or her life in a community (nursery, school, college, high school, leisure center) must be adapted? One individualized reception project (IAP) can then be established. It is a document that organizes his daily life in an institution and specifies his therapeutic needs. Objectives, development, content: here is the information to know about the IAP.

The individualized reception project (IAP) is a written document that specifies the adaptations to be made to the life of your child or adolescent in a community (nursery, school, college, high school, leisure center).

It concerns the children and adolescents with health disorders such as a chronic condition (for example, asthma), an allergy, or food intolerance. Children and adolescents with long-term illness (for example, cancer) are also affected.

The IAP may concern school time, but also the extracurricular time. He is sometimes called that PIAP (for out-of-school individualized reception project).

The IAP is drawn up at the request of the family and/or the head of the establishment with the agreement of the family.

It is drawn up in consultation with the school doctor, the doctor of the mother and child protection (PMI), or the doctor and nurse of the host community.

The document is first signed by the various partners who have previously been invited by the head of the school. It is then communicated to the persons of the educational community concerned.

The treatment needs of your adolescent child are specified in theprescription signed by the doctor who follows him for his pathology.

The IAP must in particular contain information on the following:

  • Diets to be applied
  • Meal intake conditions
  • Scheduling arrangements
  • Exemptions from certain activities incompatible with the health of children or adolescents
  • Proposed Alternative Activities

The IAP refers to a condition or disorder found during the school year. Its period of validity may therefore vary.

It can be renewed from year to year. The IAP can also be reviewed and adapted in case of evolution of the pathology or in anticipation of a trip or a school trip.

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