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Application for guardianship, curatorship etc. :: how do i obtain the medical certificate?

Verified 16 September 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

To apply for the opening of a legal protection measure for an adult (guardianship, guardianship or court), you must first obtain a medical certificate from a doctor.

The certificate describes the impairment of the person's faculties and the foreseeable development.

It shall specify the consequences of such alteration on the need to be assisted or represented and whether the person is fit to be heard.

The certificate must be written by a doctor on a list drawn up by the public prosecutor. This doctor cannot be the attending physician of the protected person.

The doctor who drafts the certificate has the opportunity to seek the advice of the attending physician of the person to be protected.

The list drawn up by the Public Prosecutor is available from the Registry of the Court Protection Litigation Judge on which the person to be placed under protection depends.

Please note

some courts publish lists of qualified physicians on their sites.

The cost of the medical certificate is €160.. Travel expenses may be added.

If the applicant does not attend the appointment, a lump sum of €30 shall be paid.

The certificate shall be delivered to the applicant for the measure under sealed cover, to the exclusive attention of the protection litigation judge or the public prosecutor.