Who can apply for guardianship, curatorship or protection of justice?

Verified 10 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The guardianship, curatorship or safeguarding of justice of an adult may be requested from the judge of protection disputes (ex-guardianship judge) by the following persons:

  • Major himself
  • Person with whom the middle finger to protect living as a couple
  • Parent or a allied
  • Person who has close and stable ties with the middle finger
  • Person who already exercises another legal protection measure (guardian or guardian)
  • Public Prosecutoron its own initiative 
  • Third parties (doctor, director of health facilities, ...)

The measure of legal protection (guardianship, curatorship or safeguarding of justice) is determined according to the degree of impairment (i.e. degradation) of the personal faculties of the person to be protected.

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