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Courts of appeal

Verified 29 May 2020 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Justice

When you're not satisfied with a first-instance decision, you can appeal it. The Court of Appeal then reviews the case and issues a new decision. If you're not satisfied with the decision on appeal, you can appeal it to cassation. The Court of Cassation does not review the case, but instead examines whether the trial and appellate judges have applied the law correctly.

  • The Court of Appeal

    The Court of Appeal reviews cases already heard by a court. It shall judge the case on its merits and its form.

    Voir la page "The Court of Appeal" sur le site www.justice.gouv.frMinistry of Justice
  • The Court of Cassation

    The Court of Cassation is the highest court of the judiciary. In this capacity, it decides appeals against final decisions taken by a court or on appeal by a court of appeal in civil or criminal matters. It does not judge the facts, but checks whether the judges have applied the correct rule of law, as regards procedure and substance. The Court of Cassation thus ensures that courts and appellate courts respect French and international law.

    Voir la page "The Court of Cassation" sur le site www.courdecassation.frCourt of Cassation

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