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What is part-time annualized for family reasons?

Verified 07 November 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Reducing working time for family reasons is a specific form of part-time work. The employee alternates between periods worked full-time and periods not worked. Each unworked period lasts at least one week.

This division of working hours takes the form of an annualized part-time.

The demand for part-time work on an annualized basis is possible for family reasons or for personal needs (e.g. to keep a child during school holidays).

The employee must apply to the employer in writing or orally.

The employer may refuse the application if he justifies the refusal on objective grounds relating to the operational requirements of the undertaking.

If the employee's request is accepted by the employer, an amendment to the employment contract must be signed. This amendment specifies the periods worked or not worked. A smoothing of remuneration over the year can be foreseen.

The reduction of working time for family reasons should not be confused with the regular part time.. During working periods, the employee works full-time.

The employee shall benefit from the rules laid down in overtime ::

  • when it exceeds the weekly legal period
  • or if the undertaking applies an agreement or an agreement for the annualization of working time, where it exceeds the limits laid down in that agreement or agreement.

Working hours must not exceed 1,607 hours per year.