How is a pregnant young woman's school going?

Verified 30 May 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Are you in middle school or high school and pregnant? You can continue your education at your school or at home. Your pregnancy cannot justify your exclusion from a public school. Accommodation (rest at the infirmary, leave of absence for medical consultations) can be granted. We present your rights and who can help you.

If you are pregnant, talk to your school's health and social workers (nurse, doctor, National Education social service assistant).

Their role is to listen to you, inform you about your rights and support you in your efforts. They have to respect solicitor-client privilege.

You can request accommodation inside your school.

You can, for example, benefit from rest periods in the infirmary, leave authorizations for medical consultations, or obtain double the school books.

You can ask the Dasen: titleContent be medically exempt from attending your school.

If the Dasen allows you, you can then follow for free your schooling by mail, using the Cned: titleContent.

Who shall I contact

You can also take advantage of thehome teaching support in hospital or school (APADHE). This help allows you to follow free home classes.

You can benefit from adjustments during your examination session. For example, you may be allowed to go to the bathroom during the tests from the first hour.

If the delivery is scheduled during the examination period, you can take your tests during the catch-up session when it exists (for example, the bin). Otherwise, you will have to take your exam at the next session.

Who can help me?

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