How to benefit from the SNCF annual leave ticket at a reduced rate?

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What is the SNCF annual leave ticket? Who can benefit? How do I apply? We explain how the device works.

The SNCF offers once a year of a reduced rate to buy tickets.

It's about a train ride round trip on annual leave.

The annual leave ticket applies only for one trip in France.

You can benefit from the SNCF annual leave ticket if you are in one of the following situations:

  • Employee (resident in France or abroad)
  • Public Service Officer
  • Homeworker
  • Artisan
  • Farmer
  • Unemployed person receiving unemployment benefit
  • Trainee in vocational training
  • Retired or pre-retired or in receipt of a social security pension (reversion, invalidity, minimum old age)
  • Orphan
  • War widow

You can register the following people on your ticket request:

  • Be the person with whom you live as a couple and also your unmarried children under the age of 21 (no age limit for disabled children)
  • Either your mother or father or both (if you are a single ticket holder and your parents live at home)

You receive a discount of 25% on your vacation ticket in relation to the usual applicable fare.

Discount applies for a trip round trip at least 200 km in all.

The discount is applicable for the following rates:

  • Either for trains with compulsory reservation, on the full leisure fare and on the regulated fare
  • Either for trains with optional reservation or without reservation, on the standard rate of 2e class, excluding any supplements regardless of the class borrowed

The reduction is applicable according to the following 2 cumulative conditions:

  • Within the limits of available places, for trains with compulsory reservation
  • And for any journey started in the blue period of the passenger calendar for trains with optional reservation or without reservation

When part of the journey is made in 1re class, the discount is calculated on the full price of the 2e class.

Please note

The annual leave ticket cannot be combined with other SNCF discounts, cards and subscriptions.

To have your tickets established, you must all the following steps:

  • Download the online application form, print it, fill it in specifying your journeys and your escorts
  • Attach any document justifying your entitlement to the ticket (e.g. employer's certificate attesting to the nature of the job and the granting of leave with pay)
  • Attach documents proving your relationship with the other persons on the ticket, if the ticket includes more than one person

You can download the application form for the annual leave ticket online and then send it to the SNCF via the Sculpin TOUTOUTOUI :

Request an SNCF annual leave ticket



The ticket price must be paid in once only for all travelers.

Please note

Your travel agency will accept your requests for annual leave tickets under the usual conditions.

You must use your annual leave ticket during the period during which the ticket is to be used.

Your return journey must be completed by 61e day depending on the date of your outward journey.

Stops are allowed along the way, on the way and on the way back.

If your vacation ticket is not used, you can get a refund during its scheduled period of use.

If you have made the outward journey but not the return journey with your annual holiday ticket, the return journey not made shall be refundable only during its period of validity, either 61 days.


The annual leave ticket applies only for one trip in France.

Request an SNCF annual leave ticket

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