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Booklet A

Verified 01 février 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Book A is a paid savings account with funds available at any time. This account is free of charge and interest paid is exempt from income tax and social levies. The state sets the interest rate, twice a year. All banks can offer the A booklet.

Any person, adult or minor, may have an A booklet.

However, it is not possible to have more than one A booklet.

  FYI : the bank has to go to the tax authority to make sure you have only one. The establishment cannot open a booklet until it has this answer.

To open an A booklet, you sign a written contract with the bank.

This contract shall specify in particular the transactions authorised by the institution (transfer, payment, withdrawal in particular).


Book A works like a regular savings account.

The physical booklet is replaced by account statements (you do not receive checks or payment cards).

The bank can give you a withdrawal card, but you can only use it at the ATM machines on its network.

From age 16, you can withdraw the amounts shown on your A booklet, unless you object legal representative.

The operations carried out on the A booklet are free: opening, filing, withdrawing and closing.

Minimum amount of a cash withdrawal or deposit

€10 (€1.5 for a booklet open to the Postbank).

Debt balance

No transaction shall have the effect of rendering the debit account.

€22,950 (€76,500 for an association)


The annual interest rate is 1% .

Interest calculation

Interest is calculated on 1to and the 16th of every month.

The date of the value taken into account for the calculation of interest varies according to the date of the transaction (deposit or withdrawal):

Date of value taken into account for interest calculation based on transaction date


Until 15 of the current month

From the 16th of the current month


16 of the same month

1to next month day


Last day of previous month

15 of the month

The money deposited generates interest if it is placed by entire dozens.

On December 31 of each year, the accumulated interest on the year is added to the capital. The addition of interest to December 31 may increase the value of the booklet beyond €22,950.

Interest is exempt from income tax and social levies.

It is possible to accumulate an A booklet with other accounts on a booklet (for example, the sustainable development booklet).

On the other hand, it is forbidden to hold both an A booklet and a special account on the Crédit Mutuel booklet (Blue booklet), unless it was opened before September 1979.

You can close your A booklet 

  • by sending a letter to your bank,
  • or by moving to your agency.

You must specify the references in the A booklet and the account number where the remaining amounts on the booklet are to be deposited.

The establishment must close within 15 working days of receipt of the request.

In order to prove the date of receipt of the request by the bank, you must send the registered mail or request an acknowledgement of receipt at the counter.

  FYI : if the A booklet is closed during the year, interest on the period since the beginning of the year is credited to the account's closing day.