Free consumer credit

Verified 28 February 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A free credit is a credit with an interest rate equal to zero. This means that if you are eligible for this credit, you will only have to repay the amount that was lent to you. Free credit can help you finance a purchase. It is often offered directly at the point of sale. The trader offering this credit is not entitled to artificially increase the price of the goods to compensate for the lack of financial interest.

Free credit is a credit for which you do not pay interest. It allows you to buy a good or a service in several installments, at no extra cost. This corresponds to the bids called several times free of charge.

This type of credit is often offered directly at the point of sale. But it is managed by a bank or credit institution partner of the seller.

There is no interest rate for this type of credit. All monthly payments must correspond to the price of the product displayed on the shelf.


application fees may nevertheless be requested, if the duration of the credit is longer than 3 month.

The seller cannot increase the price of the good or service because you are buying it with a free credit.

In addition, the seller must be able to demonstrate that the price of the good or service has not increased within 30 days prior to purchase.

The credit must respect the consumer credit rules, in particular with regard to

You can waive the purchase and credit within 14 calendar days after the signature of the contract. You must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the institution managing the credit.

Withdrawal of consumer credit