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Sick stop during notice: what consequences?

Verified 06 April 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You may be on sick leave during your notice (resignation, dismissal, etc.). You can see the daily allowances paid by the Social Security and, if you are entitled to them, the additional allowance of the employer.

As regards the length of the notice, the possibility of postponing the notice depends on the occupational or non-occupational origin of the illness or accident.

General case

Work stoppage for non-occupational illness does not interrupt your notice. Therefore, your notice is not extended.

You are not entitled to a payment compensation in case of waiver of notice due to your illness.

The contract is terminated on the date originally scheduled. Thus, you return to work if your sick leave ends before the end date of your contract (unless waived by the employer).

accident at work or occupational disease

Work stoppage due to accident at work or occupational illness interrupts your notice. Therefore, your notice is extended for a period equivalent to that of the work stoppage.