Minutes of the general meeting of the co-owners

Verified 12 April 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

What is a general meeting minutes of the co-owners? It is a document which indicates, for each item on the agenda, the result of the vote. He mentioned any reservations made by the co-owners. We are taking stock of the regulations.

Minutes of the decisions taken at general meetings must be drafted.

The document shall be signed at the end of the general meeting or within 8 days by the following persons:

  • Chairman of the General Assembly
  • Secretary
  • Tag(s)

Minutes shall be entered by the condominium trustee one after the other within a register.

This register may be kept in electronic form. In this case, the attendance sheet and the minutes may be in electronic form and signed under the same conditions.

The trustee must issue a copy or extract of the minutes to any co-owner who requests them. The trustee contract may provide for a fee for the communication of such documents.

The minutes shall state the following:

  • Result of the vote under the heading of each item on the agenda of the general assembly
  • Names and number of votes of co-owners or partners who have opposed the decision or abstained or who are deemed to be a defaulting co-owner
  • Reservations by opposing joint owners on the regularity of decisions
  • Technical incidents that prevented a co-owner who used videoconferencing, audio-conferencing or other electronic means of communication from making his vote known
  • Indication of the voting mandate distributed by the president of the trade union council or a member of the trade union council or the president of the meeting in the case of a voting mandate given by a co-owner without indication of the name of the representative

The attendance record of the general meeting shall be appended to the minutes.

General meeting decisions must be notified by the condominium trustee to the co-owners, in a 1-month period the holding of meetings. 

The notification shall be made:

  • by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by e-registered letter for co-owners opponents or defaulters (neither present nor represented)
  • by simple dispatch for the other co-owners.


When the co-ownership is subject to a unsanitary procedure, the authority that signed the health order must be the recipient of the minutes of the general meeting of the co-owners.

The notification shall start the period for challenging a decision of a general meeting before the court of the place of the building.

An appeal against a decision of a general meeting must be made in a two-month period from the notification of the minutes.

Please note

When members of the trade union council could not be appointed during the general meeting (lack of candidates or required majority), the minutes must be notified in a 1-month period to all the co-owners of the building.

Such notification may be made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by electronic registered letter.

Within 3 months after each general meeting of the co-owners, the trustee provides the information of the occupants decisions taken by the assembly which may have an effect on the conditions of occupation of the building and on the occupants' expenses.

These may be, for example, decisions concerning the maintenance of the building, works, litigation between one or more co-owners and the trade union. Where such decisions include personal information, their content shall be anonymised.

The document containing this information must be displayed in common areas.

The display time is a month.

If there is no space in the building for display, the information must be deposited in each mailbox or delivered in the manner normally used in the condominium for delivery of mail.

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