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General Assembly of Co-Owners

The co-owners must meet at least once a year to decide on the works and the directions they wish for their building. General meetings are held according to very precise rules. Each decision is subject to a vote, the rules of which vary according to the nature of the decisions to be taken.

General Assembly of Joint Owners: 6 key steps

General Assembly of Joint Owners: 6 key steps - plus de détails dans le texte suivant l’infographie
Crédits: Direction de l'information légale et administrativeInfographie - General Assembly of Joint Owners: 6 key steps

A general meeting of co-owners (AG) must take place at least 1 time a year to vote on the future budgets and works of the building.

Step 1

Preparation of the agenda

When? Prior to sending the notice to the AG.

Who? Trustee. Possible addition of subjects by the union council or any co-owner.

2nd step

Submitting the summons

When? At least 21 days prior to the GA (except for an emergency or longer period provided by the condominium by-law).

Who? Trustee or president of the union council, in case of incapacity (illness, accident...) or inaction of the trustee.

3rd step


Where? In the city where the building is located (in general).

Who? Co-owners (or persons authorised by the co-owners), trustee, presiding officer of the AG.

4th step

Forwarding of Minutes (Minutes)

When? In the month following the AG.

Who? Trustee.

5th stage

Decision challenge

When? Within 2 months of the AG's submission.

Who? Opposing (voting against, during the AG) and failing (not represented at the AG) co-owners.

6th step

Implementation of decisions

When? After the 2 months left to challenge the decision.

Who? Trustee.