Do you have the right to paid leave during your fixed term?

Verified 10 August 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Yes, as an employee in CSD: titleContent, you benefit from same entitlement to paid leave than an employee in DTA: titleContent . We will explain the current regulations.

How many days of paid leave are you entitled to?

You take your paid leave under the same conditions as an employee in DTA: titleContent.

You're entitled to 2.5 working days per month of actual work with the same employer.

This corresponds to 30 working days (5 weeks) for a full year of work.

So it doesn't exist no minimum duration condition of the CSD: titleContent in order to be entitled to paid leave.

If you have not completed a full month's work, your paid leave is calculated in proportion to the number of days worked in the month.

Example :

You worked 12 days a month, working 35 hours a week, 7 hours a day (Monday to Friday).

At the end of the month, you have earned: 2.5 working days x (12 days / 30 days), or 1 day of paid leave.

At the end of your CDD, what happens to the days of paid leave not taken?

If you can't take all your leave before the end of your term, then you get a compensatory allowance for paid leave.

The amount of the compensation is calculated according to the actual duration of your CDD.

It is at least equal to 10% of your gross total remuneration perceived.

The compensation is paid to you at the end of your employment contract unless your CDD continues with a CDI.

Please note

If your fixed-term contract continues with a fixed-term contract, you do not lose any earned paid leave not taken during your fixed-term contract. You can take these holidays later during your DTA.