Appointment of the Public Service Trainee: what reinstatement?

Verified 05 July 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

In principle, during your probationary year, you are paid on the basis of the 1er grade step in which you are recruited.

However, if it is your 1re Appointment as an intern in the public service you can benefit from a partial recognition previous periods of employment, if you have previously worked in the public sector (as a contractor) or in the private sector.

You will then receive a salary calculated on the basis of a higher step.


if you have been employed in the private sector and then contracted in the public service (or vice versa), only the most favorable activity is taken into account.

The conditions for taking partial account of these periods are not the same for all corps and frameworks of employment of the three public services.

They shall be fixed by special statutes employment bodies or frameworks or by provisions common to several employment bodies or frameworks.

Example :

If you are recruited for the 1re once in the public service, as a territorial engineer trainee, and if you have worked in the private sector in one or more professional activities, in functions and fields of activity that are close to those corresponding to the job framework of territorial engineers, the duration of these activities is taken into account for half, up to the limit of 7 years.

To benefit from the partial recovery of your previous periods of activity, you must provide the necessary supporting documents to your Human Resources Directorate (HRD).

For example, copies of your employment contracts, certificates of employment, etc.

The HRD compiles a summary of your professional experience from these supporting documents.

This condition is mentioned and attached to your appointment order as an intern.

Your HRD then determines your grade step based on the maximum length of grade progression.


If you are re-appointed as a trainee in the course of your career following a competition or internal promotion, the particular statutes of the corps or executives of jobs include provisions that guarantee you at least your previous index salary.

Example :

If you are appointed a Territorial Engineer Trainee and previously belonged to a Category A job manager, you are classified at a step with an index equal to or immediately above your previous index.

If you previously belonged to a category B job cadre, you are ranked at a step with an index closest to the one that gives you a gain of 60 gross index points.