Solar heating using a solar thermal installation

Verified 01 January 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You can produce heat yourself using the sun's energy through a solar thermal installation. Under certain conditions, you receive assistance to finance your project.

Using solar energy to produce heat requires a specific installation.

Thermal sensors

Panels settled on your roof capture the sun's rays and turn them into heat. They act as a solar boiler.


The heat produced is stored in a tank (storage tank) supplied by a network of piping ensuring the junction with the solar collectors.

Supplemental energy

In most cases, an additional source of energy is required to ensure that heat production is maintained in accordance with your needs, regardless of the season and the sunshine rate.

The heat relay can be provided by an independent system (chimney, stove, electrical resistance, etc.). It can also be provided by a system coupled to your solar installation, the complementary production is then ensured by a traditional boiler.


The regulator allows the solar thermal production of the panels to be managed.

It gives priority to solar energy over back-up production equipment.

In the event of a lack of sunlight, it modulates the supply of supplementary energy to maintain an optimal temperature.

When the production of the system exceeds your actual consumption, it controls any overheating of the panels.

Heat production from a solar thermal installation can then be used to:

  • Heating domestic hot water
  • Providing heating production
  • Combine the 2, if the installation allows

Before settling solar thermal modules on your roof, you must deposit a prior declaration Town hall work, as the installation changes the exterior appearance of the house.

The price of a solar thermal installation is not regulated: it depends on the professional chosen and the materials used.

To be helped in the choice of works and/or expenses, it is possible to call on a consultant specialized in habitat renovation free of charge:

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Under certain conditions (in particular, having recourse to a certified EGR professional), it is possible to benefit from aid to finance the works: energy transition bonus Ma Prime Rénov.

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