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Is an invoice required for a sale between individuals? 

Verified 23 March 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

No. Only written proof is required if the sale exceeds a certain amount.


an individual cannot make an invoice. The invoice is a detailed document of the services or goods sold, of a commercial and accounting nature, drawn up by a legal structure.

Sale below 1500 euros

Written proof of sale is not required. In the event of a dispute, the sale can be proved by any means (e.g.: testimony).

Sale of 1500 euros or more

The provision of written evidence is mandatory. This evidence may be:

  • a certificate of sale given to the buyer by the seller (individual). This certificate must be made in 2 copies (1 for the buyer and 1 for the seller),
  • or a sales contract under private signature..