Consumer credit: what is the purpose of the Aeras Convention?

Verified 31 March 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The Aeras Convention (Insure and Borrow with an Aggravated Health Risk) is an agreement between public authorities, banks and insurance companies, and consumer associations. It makes it easier for someone who has (or has had) a serious health condition to obtain insurance for a loan. The agreement does not guarantee the automatic agreement of the insurer. In addition, in the event of agreement, there may be a premium supplement and/or guarantee exclusions.

You are affected if you are sick or have been sick and have a higher risk of illness or death than a reference population. The increase in the risk associated with the age of the insured person, the nature of his profession or his behavior in everyday life (risk sports, etc.) does not constitute an aggravated health risk within the meaning of the Convention Aeras.

If you have an aggravated health risk, insurers may be reluctant to insure you for a loan.

The Convention Aeras aims to facilitate your search for insurance.

It can allow you to obtain insurance for a consumer credit without completing a medical questionnaire, if you meet the following 3 conditions:

  • The maximum amount of the loan or all of your loans does not exceed €17,000
  • The maximum term of the loan is 4 years
  • You are under 50 years of age on the day you submit your application

If any of these conditions are not met, you will need to complete the medical questionnaire related to your insurance application.

The Convention includes a right to be forgotten which applies when the following conditions are met:

  • Cancer has been diagnosed for at least 10 years (5 years if the cancer was diagnosed before age 18)
  • The treatment regimen is complete
  • There was no relapse

You do not have to report this to the insurer and he should not apply any premium supplement or guarantee exclusion for this disease.

Step 1: Submitting the insurance application

You must apply for consumer loan insurance with your lender or another insurer. The insurer must give you a specific information document.

All insurers apply the Convention Aeras. However, not all insurers have the same approach to aggravated health risks. It depends on their experience with certain diseases and their trade policy.

You can get advice from the consumer associations or insurance brokers.

Step 2: Review of your file by a specialized medical service

If your medical condition does not allow you to be insured at standard rates and conditions, your file is automatically examined by a specialized medical service, without you having to make any steps.

At the end of this study:

  • either you obtain an agreement from the insurer, valid for 4 months,
  • or your file is sent for reconsideration.

Step 3: Re-examination

Your file is reviewed by a group of reinsurers, who check whether your situation can be covered by the agreement Aeras.

As a result of this review:

  • Either you get a deal. The insurer informs you and can offer you a rate including an insurance premium or warranty exclusions.
  • Either your request is denied. The insurer must inform you of the reasons for this refusal and provide you with the contact details of the mediation commission of the agreement Aeras to appeal.

If the terms of the Aeras Convention have not been applied, in particular if the right to be forgotten has not been respected, you can enter the Aeras Convention Mediation Commission.

It is responsible for finding an amicable settlement and facilitating dialog between your doctor and the insurer's medical adviser.

Who shall I contact

The Mediation Commission shall not be competent to decide on the following points:

  • Limitations and Disclaimers
  • Level of the insurance premium or premium surcharge, as they are covered by the commercial policy of the insurer
  • Decision and conditions for granting credit, as they are the responsibility of the creditor
  • Credit when already in place