What is the risk of drug use?

Verified 21 July 2021 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Justice

Drug use is a offense. It may be penalized by the payment of a flat-rate fine.

This fine is issued to the perpetrator by a police officer or gendarme.

Its amount is €200. It cannot be changed by the police or gendarmes.

This amount may be reduced or increased depending on the period within which the payment is made. If there is a reduction, we are talking about reduction. If there is an increase, we are talking about increase.

The fine shall be reduced if the person who committed the offense pays directly to the officer who makes the payment or if he settles the payment within 15 days of the finding of the offense. The amount of the flat-rate fine reduced is €150.

The fine is increased if the offender does not pay within 45 days of the finding of the offense or the sending of the notice of violation. The amount of the flat-rate fine increased shall be €450.

Payment of the fine shall terminate the legal proceedings.

If the perpetrator does not pay the fine, a trial may be held before the correctional court.

In this case, the drug user is at risk 1 year in prison maximum and €3,750 maximum fine.

These penalties apply regardless of the substances concerned (cannabis, cocaine...).

The flat-rate fine paid is recorded in the criminal record.

The fine that would not be paid is recorded in the criminal record at the end of the limitation period for the sentence. This period is 6 years for offenses and 3 years for contraventions from the day on which the decision became final.