Free time assistance (ATL) or good leisure for children

Verified 29 August 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Are you wondering if you can benefit from free time assistance (ATL) or good leisure to help you pay for your children's leisure activities (for example, sports, cultural, artistic activities) during the school year? We will tell you what the conditions are to take advantage of it and the procedure to follow.

Your CAC or MSA may grant you free time assistance (ATL) or leisure time assistance to help you pay for your child's sports, cultural or artistic activities during the school year.

The ATL can also help you pay for leisure activities without accommodation on Wednesdays or during the school holidays autumn, winter and spring.

The ATL is paid directly into your bank account, while good leisure is in the form of checks (usable as holiday vouchers).


some Cifs or MSAs may also offer Holiday Assistance for Children (AVE) or Holiday Assistance for Families (AVF). These aids can then be combined with the ATL or good leisure activities.


the CAF or MSA ATL (or good recreation) is granted within the limits of the funds available.

To be able to benefit from the ATL or Good Recreation for your child, you must respect the 3 conditions following:

  • Touch a family benefit paid by the Caf or MSA
  • Have 1 or more children. There is an award criterion based on the age of the children, but this is specific to each department. In general, it affects children aged 4 to 16 years.
  • Have a family quotient generally less than or equal to €700 (this amount is also specific to each department)

You have no no steps to take.

Your Caf or MSA sends you a letter informing you that you are entitled to the ATL or Good Recreation.

The shipment is usually made around September.

The CAF or MSA attaches to this letter the list of providers and leisure organizations concerned by the ATL or Good Leisure.

The amount of the ATL or Recreation voucher varies according to your family's income and the number of children you have to support (your family quotient). In addition, for the same situation, the amount may vary from one Cif or MSA to another.


When registering your child, you must present to the organizer of the reception or leisure activity the notification you have received from the CAF or MSA granting you the ATL.

Good leisure activities

You can pay directly for the reception or leisure activities with your leisure vouchers to the organizer chosen from the list attached with your allocation mail.

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