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Mobile phone theft

Verified 09 November 2018 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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Loss of a mobile phone

In case of theft of your mobile phone or smartphone, steps are necessary to have your line suspended. Complaints must also be filed. You can optionally have his device replaced.

You must report the theft of your phone to your operator as soon as possible in order to have your line suspended.

The procedure can usually be done on the Internet, from its client area, or via the emergency telephone number of the telephone operators.

During this procedure, the IMEI number (15 digits) of your phone will be provided. This number is to be given to the police or gendarmerie. If you are insured for the loss of your mobile phone, this number is to communicate to your insurance.


most recent phones allow to remotely erase the data contained (photos, SMS...) and to disable access to emails and other applications.

You must also file as soon as possible at a police station or a gendarmerie brigade, giving the IMEI number of the device (15 digits).

Who shall I contact

If the IMEI code is not communicated to you during your suspension of the line, you can find it on the label of the telephone packaging box. It can also be registered in your customer area on your operator's website.

The security forces are responsible for sending the request to block the device to the operator concerned, who implements it within 1 to 4 days maximum. It is the device itself that will be blocked and not just the line. This number can also identify your phone if the police or the gendarmerie find it.

Please note

you can check the classifieds sites to see if your phone is offered by a seller. If so, notify the police or the gendarmerie immediately and don't act yourself.

Some telephone operators and resellers offer insurance allowing phone replacement in case of loss. A deductible must generally be paid. Such insurance is not required.

In the event of theft, the prior filing of a complaint is necessary.

Generally, it cannot be more than a few days between the loss and the insurance declaration.

The conditions under which a telephone is replaced depend on the signed insurance contract. For example, insurance may only work in the case of a violent robbery (assault) and not because of a pickpocket. It is advisable to find out from your operator or your dealer.

The operator can ask you for more details before compensating you.

Making false statements (such as claiming a violent assault when it is a pickpocket) to get your phone replaced is a case ofscam..

Furthermore, the filing of a false complaint with the police or the gendarmerie is an offense punishable by:

  • 6 months in prison,
  • and €7,500 fine.

Please note

the loss of a mobile phone may be a case for early termination of a subscription. Check to see if this is included in your contract.