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How do I contact DGCCRF (Directorate General for Consumer Affairs, Competition and Fraud Enforcement)?

Verified 18 August 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Do you have a problem with a company that does not respect consumer rights? You can contact the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Enforcement (DGCCRF).

The DGCCRF is a department of the Ministry of Economy.

This service is responsible for ensuring that companies comply with consumer law. For example:

  • Respect of the right of termination of customers
  • Prohibition of misleading advertising and false discounts
  • Obligation to label goods
  • Sincere labelling (list and origin of ingredients, place of manufacture, ...)

DGCCRF may first investigate whether a company is operating in accordance with the law or not following a report.

In the context of these investigations, DGCCRF staff may, inter alia, obtain information from public services and judicial police officers.

In addition, the RPB officers are also empowered to detect and stop violations of the law. Thus, they can order the professionals involved to respect their obligations, to stop all acts illegal or remove any unlawful or prohibited clause. If necessary, a time limit may be granted to the professionals concerned.

Finally, DGCCRF may impose sanctions on professionals who do not comply with the law or who do not comply with its orders.

As a consumer, you can report to the DGCCRF a problem of non-compliance with consumer law that you see in a store, on a website or in a company.

You can use the following online service to report:

Conso signal: report a problem in a business

But you have to know that DGCCRF not disputes relating to the non-performance or poor performance of a contract (works, services, subscriptions, deliveries, etc.).

If you have this type of dispute, you must try to resolve it amicably with the professional concerned or with the consumer ombudsman.

If the deficiencies you wish to report require DGCCRF officers to visit the company concerned, you may request an investigation.

To initiate an investigation by the DGCCRF, you must contact the Departmental Directorate for Population Protection (DDPP) of the department where the targeted company is located.

You must make this request either by mail or by post.

At the end of the investigation, the RPB may impose a financial penalty for the controlled company, but it cannot require the company to compensate you.

If you wish to claim compensation, you must file or enter civil court.