What is a representative union in the company?

Verified 11 April 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

A trade union may be present in the company. For speaking on behalf of employees and sign collective agreements legitimately, the union must be representative in the company.

The union shall be representative if it brings together the 7 criteria following:

  • Respect for Republican values (e.g. respect for freedom of political opinion)
  • Independence (e.g. financial)
  • Financial transparency (e.g. compliance with accounting obligations)
  • Minimum 2-year seniority in the professional and geographical field covering the trading level (from the date of legal deposit of the articles of association)
  • Influence, determined mainly by activity and experience
  • Number of members and contributions (sufficient number of members to ensure that their contributions represent the main part of their resources, thus guaranteeing the independence criterion)
  • Adequate audience in professional elections (the union must have at least 10% of the votes cast on 1er round of the last elections of incumbents in ESC: titleContent).