Accreditation of a childminder suspended, modified or withdrawn: what to do?

Verified 15 January 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Department departments must notify to the employer the suspension, amendment or withdrawal of the maternity assistant's approval.

The employee and the employer shall be required to suspend or withdraw the authorization.

From this notification, the child can no longer be entrusted to the mother's assistant.

The individual employer notifies the maternal assistant by registered letter with AR: titleContentor by hand delivery against discharge on forced withdrawal of the child. This shall take effect on the date of notification of the suspension, amendment or withdrawal of the approval by the departments of the Department.

The work contract of the childminder is then broken without notice, or severance pay.

Amounts Due
Compensatory leave with pay

If there is any untaken paid leave remaining on the date of termination of the contract, a leave allowance paid is due.

This allowance shall be equal to the greater of the two amounts:

  • Gross remuneration received by the employee for a period of work equivalent to that of the remaining paid leave
  • 1/10e of the total gross remuneration received in the reference year


if the child is taken in on 46 weeks or less, the individual employer shall make final adjustments to the salary at the end of the contract.

At the end of the employment contract, the individual employer must provide the employee with the following documents:

  • Work Certificate
  • Received for the balance of any account that details the amounts paid upon termination of the employment contract. If the employee has signed the receipt for balance of any account, he has 6 months after the date of signature to contest it.
  • Pôle emploi Attestation

A service allows to carry out online the steps related to the termination of the employment contract:

Procedures for termination of child care contracts

Disputes shall fall within the jurisdiction of the prud'homme council of the home of the childminder.

Who shall I contact