Can an asylum seeker apply for a residence permit?

Verified 21 June 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Yes, you can request a residence card in a way other than asylum.

Your application must be filed within 2 months that follow the registration of your asylum application. This period shall be extended to 3 months if you request a residence permit for health reasons.

The time limit runs from the time of the written information at the time of registration of your asylum application. This information must be given to you against signature, in a language you understand.

The file submitted must be complete in order to be admissible. But you may be allowed to file your file without presenting documents proving your marital status and nationality.

To apply for a residence permit for care, you must first file an application in the prefecture. You must then address the Ofii: titleContent the medical certificate completed by your treating doctor or hospital practitioner. The completed medical certificate must be received by the Ofii within 3 months from the registration of your application in the prefecture.

Please note

if you have a proof of asylum claim, you will not be given a receipt.

In the event of an application being lodged out of time, only new circumstances may be invoked. For example, 2-year contribution to the maintenance and upbringing of a child, onset of a serious health problem.