How can a sick foreigner obtain a residence permit?

Verified 03 August 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You can obtain a temporary residence card private and family life for care if you fill in the whole the following conditions:

  • You are a foreigner (except a national) European)
  • You usually reside in France
  • Your condition requires medical attention without which your health would become critical
  • You cannot access the right treatment in your country of origin
  • You do not represent a threat to public order


you can request this title even if you are in irregular situation.


General case
Who shall I contact

Documents to be submitted

You must submit the following documents:

  • Full copy of birth certificate (unless you already have a residence card) with the most recent entries
  • Passport (pages concerning civil status, validity dates, entry stamps and visas). Otherwise, other supporting documents (e.g. consular certificate, identity card, consular card).
  • 3 photos. If the request is made on the internet: enter the code of the e-photo (provided by the photographer or the approved cabin on the photo board).
  • Declaration on the honor of no polygamy in France if you are married and are a national of a country that allows it
  • Proof of your habitual residence in France for at least 1 year:
    • Endorsement
    • Receipt of application for a residence permit
    • Receipt of asylum application
    • Documents issued by a public administration (prefecture, social service, school)
    • Documents from a private institution (bank statements showing movements)
    • Unquestionable personal writing (letters, statements from relatives)

Registration of the application

If you meet the conditions to apply for a residence card, the prefecture registers your application.

She will then provide you with a folder that includes the following:

  • Medical certificate to be completed by your regular doctor (or hospital practitioner)
  • Package leaflet that explains the procedure
  • Envelope medical confidentiality with the address of the medical service of theOfii: titleContent to send your complete folder


You must send your folder to theOfii: titleContent.

Who shall I contact

How soon?

General case

You must forward to theOfii: titleContent the file submitted by the prefecture within the deadline of1 month as of the registration of your application.

Asylum seeker

If you are an asylum seeker, you must send theOfii: titleContent the file submitted by the prefecture within the 3 months from the registration of your asylum application.


no medical information or medical certificate must be communicated or given to the prefecture.

How to forward the file?

You must send the documents in the envelope medical confidentiality with the address of the medical service of theOfii: titleContent. This envelope was given to you by the prefecture.

For evidentiary reasons, it is preferable to send the file by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

Report prepared by the Ofii Medical Officer

The hospital doctorOfii: titleContent may request, with your consent, additional medical information from the doctor who issued the medical certificate or from any other healthcare professional.

This additional information should be provided to the treating physicianOfii: titleContent within 15 days from the date of his request.

The hospital doctorOfii: titleContent can also call you for a medical examination (free of charge) if he deems it necessary and ask you for additional examinations (you have nothing to pay). You will need to show proof of identity.

The results of these examinations must be communicated to the hospital doctorOfii: titleContent within 15 days from the date of his request.


if you do not respond to the request of the hospital doctorOfii: titleContent, you will not be able to get a receipt for application for a residence permit.

He then writes a report and forwards it to a college of physicians in AlbertaOfii: titleContent.

Delivery of a receipt for application for a residence permit

Once the medical report is sent to this college of doctors, the prefecture gives you a year receipt for application for a residence permit.

Ofii College of Physicians Medical Opinion

The medical college must give a medical opinion.

It may:

  • Ask the doctor who completed the medical certificate or the doctor who wrote the report or any healthcare professional to provide any additional information within 15 days
  • Hear you
  • Examine yourself or ask for additional tests.

Additional information and examination results shall be submitted within 15 days of the request.

The medical college drafts a medical opinion and forwards it to the prefecture.

The opinion of the College of Physicians of theOfii: titleContent is a simple opinion. He doesn't bind the prefect.

The Prefect exercises his discretion to decide whether to grant or refuse the residence permit "private and family life" for care.

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Your request is accepted

If the prefect grants you the issue of the residence card, he informs you.


You must pay:

  • If you entered France without a long-stay visa: the visa fee for regularization of an amount of €200, of which €50 non-refundable
  • The stamp duty €25

Your request is denied

The refusal decision may be either in writing or result from the failure of the administration to reply after 4 months.

You can then make a appeal to the administrative court.

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