How many quarters does an employee need to have to have a full rate pension?

Verified 01 September 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

If you're retiring before age 67, you are entitled to a pension full rate if you have a sufficient number of quarters pension insurance.

This number of quarters varies according to your date of birth :

Tableau - Number of insurance quarters required to qualify for a full rate pension

You were born:

You can retire from:

Number of quarters required to have the full rate

In 1956 or 1957

62 yrs

166 (41 years 6 months)

Between 1er January 1958 and December 31, 1960

62 yrs

167 (41 years 9 months)

Between 1er January 1961 and August 31, 1961

62 yrs

168 (42 years)

Between 1er September 1961 and December 31, 1961

62 years and 3 months

169 (42 years 3 months)


62 years and 6 months

169 (42 years 3 months)


62 years and 9 months

170 (42 years 6 months)


63 yrs

171 (42 years 9 months)


63 years and 3 months

172 (43 years)


63 years and 6 months

172 (43 years)


63 years and 9 months

172 (43 years)

From 1er january 1968

64 yrs

172 (43 years)


If you worked under other statuses than as an employee (public official, self-employed, etc.) and consequently contributed to several pension funds, this is your total insurance duration, all schemes combined, which is taken into account in determining whether or not you are entitled to full-rate retirement pensions.

If you're retiring before age 67 without the required number of quartersNo, you didn't pitch right to a pension full rate. The amount of your pension is then subject to a discount, i.e. it is reduced depending on how many quarters you are missing.

If you retire at age 67, you have right to a retirement full rate, no matter how many quarters you have pension insurance. No haircut is not applied to the amount of your pension.

You can find out how many quarters of pension insurance you have by consulting your career record in your pension account, available on the official pension info website.

Your career statement summarizes, in a chronological manner, all your different professional periods.

You can print and download your career record.

You can also perform a simulation the amount of your pension at different ages, full or not, based on the data known to your pension funds.

My Retirement Account

From the age of 55 onwards, you can report to your pension funds the anomalies in your career statement and ask for their correction: missing jobs, inconsistencies, etc.

Your pension funds are directly informed.

You can then follow their treatment on your pension account:

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