What should the employer do in the event of illness of his home worker or maternal assistant?

Verified 29 June 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The individual employer must take steps in the event of illness of his employee at home or his maternal assistant. What steps must the individual employer take in the event of illness of his employee? Is the employee of the individual employer compensated in the event of illness? By whom is the employee of the individual employer compensated in the event of illness?

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The employee must send the employer his work stoppage within 48 hours regardless of the duration of his absence.

The individual employer must then establish the certificate of salary allowing the employee to collect the IJSS: titleContent.

Proof of salary for the payment of daily allowances

The primary health insurance fund (CPAM) determines whether the employee is entitled to IJSS during his work stoppage by virtue of the information given on that certificate.

This information is also used to calculate the amount of per diems that are paid directly to the employee.

If the employee has several employers, each of them must establish a certificate of salary.


if there are several employers, the employee must send a copy of the work stoppage to each employer.

The certificate of salary must be sent to the CPAM: titleContent of the employee.

Who shall I contact

This must be done as soon as possible not to delay the payment ofIJSS: titleContent of the employee.


if the employer does not complete and transmit the certificate of salary, the employee may enter the prud'homme council to claim damages.

Daily social security allowances

The employee may receive IJSS of the CPAM: titleContent after a waiting period three days.

In order to be eligible for compensation, the employee must meet certain conditions.

Their amount is calculated on the basis of salary.

Supplementary allowances paid by the pension

The CPAM automatically transmits the counts of IJSS the Employers' Employees' Provident Fund (Ircem).

In addition to the IJSS, a supplement may be paid to the employee from the 8th day off (unless relapse).

The additional allowance may make it possible to obtain 81.8% gross salary.

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