Can the employer require the employee to work part-time?

Verified 29 September 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Yes, your employer can implement part-time hours in the company.

However, your employer must comply with the conditions set out in a collective agreement or a collective company agreement.

In the absence of an agreement or agreement, your employer directly sets the working hours in accordance with the minimum working time weekly is required.

Your employer should consult the Social and Economic Committee (ESC) if it exists in the company.

If you work full-time in the company, your employer may offer you part-time work.

You don't have to accept your employer's proposal.

The consequences for your employment contract are different depending on your agreement or refusal:

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The proposed reduction in working time is justified by economic difficulties

If the proposed reduction in working time is justified by economic difficulties, your refusal may result in a dismissal on economic grounds.

Other situation

You agree to work part-time

You must sign a agreeable to your employment contract.

You refuse to work part-time

Part-time work is a amendment of the employment contract.

Your employer cannot impose it on you without your consent.

You continue to work full time if you refuse to work part time.

In case of a dispute, you can enter the labor council (CPH).

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