What is community sponsorship?

Verified 15 October 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Any family that feels vulnerable or without family support can call on a sponsor to help with their child's education and development.

A sponsor is an adult who accepts pro bono devote additional time and attention to that which the child usually enjoys.

Sponsorship takes place in the best interests of the child at the request of the parents.

Please note

community sponsorship should not be confused with humanitarian sponsorship, which provides support to a poor child living in a foreigner country.

To become a sponsor, you need to contact an organization offering community sponsorship.

To obtain a list of these organizations, you must ask for information from a Family Info Point or a mission to welcome and inform associations.

The future sponsor must then submit his or her application to the organization by enclosing a copy of his or her criminal record sheet no. 3.

The organization receives the applicant in two interviews to assess his or her suitability to sponsor.

It also verifies that children and people living with the applicant support this project.

The agreement of the sponsored child and its parents (or the legal representative) are required.

An individualized project is developed. It must take into account the best interests of the child in sponsorship and ensure the expectations of the family.

This draft should specify the forms that sponsorship may take. These may include:

  • Frequency of visits (e.g. on weekends or holidays)
  • Place of reception (for example, reception at the sponsor's home)
  • Offering various activities and leisure

A convention formalizes the mutual commitments of individuals and specifies the conditions for implementing sponsorship. It is signed by:

  • Father and mother (or legal representative), and service or person to whom the child is entrusted in the case of placement
  • Affected child
  • Sponsor
  • Organization implementing and supporting sponsorship

The purpose of sponsorship is to have no time limit to provide a stable benchmark for the child.

The relationship is built at the pace of everyone.