Request for publication in the Official Journal of a prior notice of a change of name for legitimate reasons (Online service)

Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Dila) - Prime Minister

Online service accessible via a Service-Public account or FranceConnect.

To request a name change for a legitimate reason, the 1re step of the process consists of post an ad to Official Journal of the French Republic (JORF).

The request for publication in the JORF is made via this online service.

The publication period is 3 to 5 days.

The approach is free.

For go to your listing and have proof of its publication in the JORF, you can download it free of charge from the Légifrance website.

  • Enter the relevant JORF date in the topic "Find a JORF by Date or Period of Publication".
  • Click on the link “Extract from the Official Journal containing the personal information (protected access)”.
  • Complete the Captcha and click on “Submit”
  • Click on the "Download Document" link
  • Print only the insertion page that contains your publication.

The signing certificate is embedded in the PDF file.

So you can legally rely on the text once it's printed.

Go to the online procedure

Verified 07 September 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

For details, please use the practical information sheets :

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