On-line procedures for recreational craft (registration, change of situation...) (On-line service)

Ministry of the Sea and Fisheries

The website demarches-pleasure.gouv.fr allows you to carry out procedures related to your registered personal pleasure craft to navigate at sea:

  • Re-issue registration certificate (navigation title)
  • Request a duplicate boating license
  • Make sales or purchase declarations
  • Change the name of the ship
  • Change your personal information on your registration certificate (address, registration port, shore contact),
  • Pay the annual tax on marine gear for personal use (formerly the annual francization and navigation fee - DAFN)
  • Register your pleasure craft for sea navigation purchased from an authorized professional seller
  • Sell or buy your pleasure boat between individuals or between co-owners

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Verified 24 August 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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