First 1,000 days: inquire about the arrival of a child

Publié le 10 juillet 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Have you just had a child or are you considering it, and are you wondering about your role as a parent? The Health Insurance website explains what the “first 1,000 days” are and provides you with practical tools to accompany you in this moment of life.

Becoming a parent also means asking yourself questions! The site helps parents who feel lost and accompanies them for the first 1,000 days. They will find concrete answers and advice on the right behaviors to adopt, the changes to be made within the home, the simple gestures to improve its reception environment.

The website of the Health Insurance reiterates the importance of taking care of your child's health before you are born. For this, different appointments are offered.

  • A medical consultation is strongly recommended when you have plans to have a child. The pre-conceptual consultation with a healthcare professional, the aim is to take stock of your state of health and to talk confidently about any difficulties or fears (this consultation is 70% taken care of by the Health Insurance).
  • During pregnancy,early prenatal maintenance is a good time to talk about your birth plan with a midwife or doctor and to define the support you may need.
  • After birth, theearly postnatal maintenance with a midwife or doctor, which is now mandatory, helps identify emotional disturbances you may experience in the weeks after birth.
  • The follow-up examinations of the child allow you to monitor your child’s development and talk to your doctor.

A child's first 1,000 days: What is it?

The term ‘first 1 000 days’ refers to the period of life between from pregnancy to 2 years of age.

The site offers different sections: Becoming a parent, Acting on your environment, Being accompanied, Discovering your child, Why 1,000 days?

In the section “ In Practice ”, find many tips and tricks by clicking on the rooms and objects of the house. It alerts you to points of vigilance: chemical substances, domestic accidents, viruses, food, protection from the sun and mosquitoes.... It also provides practical information on dietary precautions, the type of physical activity recommended before, during and after pregnancy, breastfeeding, dietary diversification, medical follow-up of the child, baby blues and postpartum depression, etc.

The section “ Questions of the moment provides answers for every step of the 1,000 days, before and during pregnancy, and after birth.

An app and booklet for future parents

In addition to the website, the First 1,000 days  is a free service to support you every day with:

  • reliable and up-to-date information organized in stages;
  • a questionnaire to assess the risk of postpartum depression;
  • A customized calendar to remind you of important appointments.
  • a map to geolocate services and professionals as close as possible to parents.

One booklet is also sent to the parents at each pregnancy declaration by the Fund for Family Allowances (Caf). Each prospective parent can find key information and reliable resources on the following topics:

  • the parent-child relationship;
  • emotional distress for parents;
  • diet and physical activity;
  • actions for a healthier environment;
  • the services and professionals available to parents.

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