International Volunteering in company (VIE)

Verified 01 January 2024 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Do you want to do an international volunteer in company (VIE)? This device allows you, under certain conditions, to carry out a mission (scientific, technical, commercial, humanitarian...) abroad. You must be between the ages of 18 and 28 to register. You will receive compensation.

LIFE is a civic service performed abroad.

The tasks entrusted concern in particular the following areas:

  • Culture
  • Environment
  • Humanitarian

You can perform a VIE with one of the following companies or organizations:

  • French company abroad
  • foreign company linked to a french company by a partnership agreement
  • Foreigners body engaged in cooperation with France. In this case, LIFE must be a mission of economic cooperation.

The volunteer must search for his mission himself.

Please note

You can extend your search to all French exporting companies.

You can volunteer if you meet the following 5 conditions:

  • Have between 18 and 28 years on the date of registration. Departure from the mission shall take place no later than the 29the birthday. Beyond that, no derogation is granted.
  • Be French or a national of a country of the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Comply with national service obligations (defense and citizenship day)
  • Enjoy your civil rights (right to vote and clean criminal record)
  • Fulfill the physical fitness requirements for persons carrying out similar activities in the host organization

Please note

Specific skills may be required depending on the country of destination (e.g. language skills, work experience).

How do I register?

Before you sign up

Verify that you meet the requirements. Then prepare a resume.

If you are a French national or a French binational under the age of 28, you must provide your defense identifier number.

This number is provided to you by the National Service Center during your Defense and Citizenship Day (JDC).


If you have lost your JDC certificate of participation, you can request a duplicate at the national service center where you made your call day.

If you have not completed your JDC, you must register with your City Hall and wait to be summoned by the National Service Center.

At the time of registration

You must register on My International Volunteering.

This mandatory prerequisite gives you access to the offers available on the site.

Online application for international volunteering in company (VIE) or administration (VIA)

At the end of your registration, you will be asked to create a login and password.

A number composed of a V followed by 9 digits is communicated. You have to keep it.

How do I search for a mission?

After registration, you can consult the offers of mission.

Search for an international volunteer mission in company (VIE)

What are the prior medical formalities?

Once selected, you must undergo a medical examination.

You also have to do the vaccinations necessary according to your country of assignment.

Life is hard between 6 and 24 months.

It must take place at least 183 days a year abroad.

Please note

A certificate of achievement of LIFE is issued to you at the end of volunteering.

You receive a fixed allowance and an additional geographical allowance depending on the country where you are working.

Fixed allowance

You receive a fixed monthly allowance of €760.57.

This allowance is exempt from income tax. It is not subject to the CSG: titleContent, or to CRDS: titleContent.

Additional compensation

You also perceive an additional monthly allowance the amount of which depends on the country of mission.

In particular, the amount is adjusted every 3 months (in line with the exchange rate and cost of living developments in the country of the mission).

Your allowance is exempt from income tax. It is not subject to the CSG: titleContent and to the CRDS: titleContent.

You are placed under the authority of the French Embassy of the country in which you carry out your mission.

You are entitled to leave of 2.5 days per month of assignment (for example, 25 days of leave for 10 months).

You can benefit from exceptional holidays for family events (birth, marriage...).

Your health insurance coverage is covered for you and your rights-holders.

A private insurer replaces French social security throughout the period of voluntary service.

He pays for the reimbursement of medical expenses.

Yes, services performed as a volunteer are taken into account for the calculation of your pension.

Who can help me?

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