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Progressive retirement of a private employee

Verified 06 May 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Are you at least 60? You can benefit from a progressive retirement under certain conditions. This device allows you to reduce your professional activity and to receive a portion of your pension.

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Progressive retirement is a device that allows you, at the end of your career, to reduce your professional activity.

You receive the salary corresponding to your part-time activity and part of your retirement (basic and supplementary).

During this period, you continue to contribute to retirement.

And when you completely cease your professional activity, your final retirement is recalculated taking into account this part-time period.

You can benefit from the progressive retirement of the Pension Insurance of the General Social Security Plan if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • At least 60 years
  • Justify a term of retirement insurance at least 150 quarters, including all mandatory pension plans
  • Perform one or more part-time (relative to full-time) or reduced-time (relative to maximum working hours in days). Your total working time must be between 40% and 80% the full-time working time or the maximum working time expressed in days.

You must apply for progressive retirement with your Carsat: titleContent using the following form:

Progressive pension application - General scheme employee

If you have also contributed to a progressive retirement plan, the following plans will pay for it:

  • MSA: titleContent
  • SSI: titleContent
  • Professional regime

However, for your supplementary pensions (Agirc-Arco, Ircantec , etc.), you must file a specific application in these plans.

You can take advantage of progressive retirement as long as you meet the part-time or reduced-time working condition qualifying for it.

At the end of each one-year period after the start date of your progressive retirement, you must show your part-time or reduced-time work.

Your caisse sends you a questionnaire. If you don't respond, your progressive pension is suspended.

To determine the amount of your progressive retirement, a temporary retirement is calculated based on your entitlement at the time of your application.

Provisional retirement is calculated according to the same rules as a final retirement based on your number of retirement insurance quarters and your average salary in your best 25 years.

The portion of your interim pension paid to you is equal to the difference between 100% and your part-time or reduced-time working hours.

For example, part time or reduced to 65% entitles you to 35%of your temporary retirement.

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Change your part-time or reduced-time work

If you change your part-time or reduced-time work hours within 40% and 80%, you have to notify your Carsat: titleContent.

The amount of your progressive retirement remains unchanged for one year from your date of progressive retirement, even if your working hours change during that period.

The change in your pension amount begins on the 1to day of the month following the end of the one-year period.

If you change your part-time or reduced-time hours after more than one year of progressive retirement, the change in your retirement amount begins on the 1to day of the month following the end of any other one-year period.

Activity Change

If you cease your part-time or reduced-time activity, you can continue to benefit from progressive retirement if you resume a new part-time or reduced-time activity within 40% and 80%.

You must report your change of activity to your Carsat and provide the same supporting documents as you did during your 1re application, except the progressive retirement application form.

You must also include a declaration of honour that you are not engaged in any other professional activity than that covered by the employment contract(s) provided.

This declaration of honour must be made on free paper.

It may be drawn up on the basis of the declaration on honour included in progressive retirement application form (page 8).

Full-time recovery

You must inform your Carsat: titleContent your change of employment status.

Your phased retirement is removed. You won't be able to apply again.

When request your final retirement, your retirement is recalculated based on the additional rights earned during your part-time or reduced-time period.

Contributions made after progressive retirement are taken into account.

Your final retirement is recalculated according to normal retirement rules.

The amount of the final retirement shall not be less than the amount of the retirement on which the progressive retirement fraction was based.

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