Disability: is the additional resources still available?

Verified 01 April 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

AAH joint, professional activity and pension rights

Published on 31 January 2023

Article 254 of the Finance Law for 2024 allows beneficiaries of the Disabled Adult Allowance (DAA) to continue to receive this allowance if they decide to continue their professional activity after their age of entitlement to retreat.

This measure comes into force on a date fixed by order of the Governor in Council, and no later than 1er december 2024.

In addition, section 255 of the same act provides for holding of cumulation of the supplement for independent living and the additional resources for people losing the benefit of AAH because of the increase in the amount of their pensions as a result of the pension reform.

This measure provides for the issuance of an order in council.

Our page will be updated as soon as the texts are published.

In the meantime, the information presented on this page remains valid.

No, the resource complement is deleted since 1er december 2019.

However, if you received this assistance until that date, you continue to receive it for 10 years if you meet the eligibility conditions (related to your disability rate, resources and housing).

The additional resources form with the AAH what is called the guarantee of resources.

The amount of the additional resources shall be fixed at €179.31 this brings the guarantee of resources (AAH + additional resources) to €1,195.36 per month.

Disability rate

You must meet the following 2 conditions:

  • Have a disability rate of at least 80%
  • Have a work capacity less than 5% because of your disability. This disability is assessed by the Commission on the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities (CDAPH). The 5% equivalent to almost absolute incapacity for work.

You must meet the following 2 conditions:

  • Accident at work Receive the Disabled Adult Allowance (DAA) at full rate or in addition to a pension, disability pension or pension
  • Have not received any income of a professional nature for 1 year on the date of submission of the application for a supplement

You have to live in an independent housing unit, that is, one that does not belong to an institution.

If you are accommodated by an individual in his or her home, the accommodation is not considered independent. However, if this accommodation belongs to the person you live with as a coupleHowever, this accommodation is considered to be independent.


The top-up will stop if you work.

If you have the statutory minimum retirement ageHowever, the top-up is paid if you receive the AAH in addition to a pension. However, you must meet the conditions for accessing the resource add-in.