Is cloakroom required in the company?

Verified 13 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The employer's obligations differ depending on whether employees wear specific working clothes or personal protective equipment (PPE) or do not.

Specific clothing or PPE

The employer must put collective locker rooms available to its employees in companies where employees wear specific working clothes or PPE. For example, a uniform, work suit, goggles or helmet.

This obligation shall apply in the companies regardless of their activity or the number of employees.

Collective changing rooms must be settled in a room of a sufficient area. The room must be isolated from work and storage rooms, but located close to the passage of the staff.

Of separate changing rooms shall be provided for for men and women.

The room must be suitably heated and ventilated. It must be regularly maintained and cleaned.

It must be equipped with a sufficient number of chairs or benches and individual cabinets which are not flammable equipped with a lock or a lock.

When work clothes can be soiled with dangerous, dirty or foul-smelling substances, the wardrobes include a compartment reserved for these garments.

Individual locker rooms may be set up by the employer, but are not mandatory if the group locker rooms meet the standards.

The employer shall ensure that changing rooms are kept in a steady state of cleanliness.

Other case

The employer shall not be obliged to provide a converted locker room where employees do not wear specific working clothes or PPE.

The employer must, in this case, provide the employees a secure storage cabinet.

For example, a metal cabinet, locker room, or piece of furniture with a lock or lock, so that employees can store their personal belongings.

These individual locker rooms must be placed close to the employees' workstation.