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Loca-Pass Advance: aid for the deposit of security for a rental

Verified 20 March 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The Loca-Pass advance is a loan granted by Housing Action (ex-1% Housing) to the tenant to finance the security deposit claimed by the landlord (landlord). This loan is to be repaid without interest of loan, nor expenses of dossier. To qualify, you must be under 30 years of age or be an employee or pre-retired from the private sector (off-farm).

The Loca-Pass Advance is a zero-interest loan intended to cover all or part of the security deposit required by the landlord upon entering the tenant's premises.

It is granted for main residence tenant.

Conditions relating to his personal situation

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Young person under 30

It must be in one of the following situations:

  • In vocational training (learning contract or professionalization contract)
  • In employment (including non-official and agricultural sector employee)
  • Looking for a job
  • State Scholar Student (Ministry of Higher Education)
  • Student on fixed-term contract (fixed-term contract) of 3 months minimum, in progress at the time of application for aid
  • Employee student with one or more CSDs for a cumulative duration of 3 months during the 6 months preceding the aid application
  • Employee student with a minimum of 3 months' probationary agreement at the time of application.

Employee or pre-retired private company

The company must not belong to the agricultural sector.


an employee or pre-retired member of an agricultural undertaking may benefit from agri-loca-pass advance , under certain conditions.

Conditions attached to its prior actions

To be able to benefit from a Loca-Pass advance, you must not have:

  • obtained another Loca-Pass advance or a Loca-Pass guarantee in the process of being refunded for a previous accommodation,
  • or filed with another organization Housing Action an application for a Loca-Pass advance for the same dwelling,
  • or received similar aid from the Solidarity Fund for Housing (SLF)..

The accommodation (rented empty or furnished) must be the main residence of the tenant and be the subject of:

  • a lease,
  • or a contract of occupation in a household or social residence,
  • or an amendment to the lease in the case of shared accommodation.

Tenant must apply 

  • not earlier than 3 months before the effective date of the lease (date of entry into the premises if different from the date of signature of the lease)
  • and not later than 2 months after the effective date of the lease.

Example: if the effective date of the lease is january 15, 2019, the application may be made from october 15, 2018, until march 15, 2019.

The request is made using the following remote service:

Request a Loca-Pass advance

The amount of aid shall not exceed €1,200..

Reimbursement must begin 3 months after payment of the advance, in monthly installments of €20 minimum (except last) and for a maximum of 25 months.

In the case of a lease of less than 25 months (in the case of furnished rentals), the term of the refund shall be aligned with the term of the lease.

In case of early departure of the accommodation, that is before the end of the lease, the balance must be repaid within a maximum period of 3 months after departure of the accommodation.