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Unpaid invoices (electricity or gas, water): what consequences?

Verified 16 août 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The consequences differ depending on whether the bill is for energy (electricity, gas or heat) or for water.

Energy bills (electricity, gas or heat)

Energy bills must be paid within 14 days of their issue or payment deadline.

If you do not pay your invoice within this time limit, your supplier will send you a 1to mail (simple or recommended). This letter informs you that if you do not pay your bill within 15 days, your electricity may be cut or its power reduced. The gas or heat transfer device may also be cut. The deadline is 30 days if you benefit from the energy or if you have already received Solidarity Fund for Housing (FSL).

If you still do not pay your invoice at the end of the 15 days (or 30 days), your supplier informs you by 2e mail (simple or recommended) that your power supply may be cut or reduced. This letter should indicate that you can apply to the SLF for financial assistance.

Recourse to the FSL allows the suspension of the unpaid proceedings and thus the suspension of the power cut or reduction. The FSL must inform your supplier of your appeal.

If after 2 months you have not received a favourable response from the FSL granting you a help, your supplier can cut or reduce your energy.

  Please note : 1to November to March 31, even if your bills are not paid, electricity and gas are maintained. However, your supplier can reduce the power of your electricity, unless you receive the energy check.

Water bills

Water bills must be paid within 14 days of their issue or payment deadline.

In case of difficulties, it is recommended to contact your water distributor quickly to agree to a debt spreading or a deferral.

In the absence of an agreement with your water distributor on the payment, you receive a letter (simple or recommended) informing you that you can appeal to the Solidarity Fund for Housing (FSL). The FSL allows you to request financial assistance to pay your outstanding debts.

If you don't follow up on your water dispenser, a recovery procedure can be hired.

  Warning : no distributor shall cut water from your main residence even in the case of an unpaid amount, all year round.