Is a job seeker entitled to the RSA?

Verified 01 April 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Yes, if you're unemployed, you can get the RSA: titleContent, but provided that the conditions for receiving it.

The lump sum amount of the SSA will be reduced by Return to Employment Assistance (RWA).

When applying for RSA, you must declare your unemployment benefits, that is, the amounts of the RSA received and possibly your other income.

If your income is less than the lump sum of the SSA, the SSA can be used as a supplement to unemployment benefits.

Example :

A jobseeker living alone without children receives, for his sole income, €250 per month of ARE. For a single person, the SSA amount is €607.75. The jobseeker can therefore benefit from the RSA for a monthly amount of €357.75 (€607.75-€250).

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