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Return to Work (ARE) unemployment benefit for a private employee

Verified 01 August 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Revaluation of unemployment insurance as at 1 July 2022

The Board of Trustees of UNESCO decided to upgrade unemployment benefits by 2.9% from 1to July 2022.

This page will be updated as soon as the amending text is published in the Official Journal.

To collect the WFA, you must be involuntarily deprived of a job. You must justify a minimum period of work at the end of the employment contract. A simulator allows you to estimate the amount of your ARE. The payment of the AER can be combined with other business income. The payment of the AER ceases if you return to an employed occupation. The conditions of compensation are not the same before or after 1to November 2019 and by your age.

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