Carte grise Can a car professional handle a request for

Verified 07 January 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Carte grise An automobile professional can take care of certain procedures concerning the certificate of registration).

You can ask a authorized motor vehicle professional by the ministry of the interior (garage, professional of the automotive trade, rental...) to carry out for you the following steps:

  • Registration of a new vehicle (including moped)
  • Registration of a used vehicle with French plates (including mopeds)
  • Change of tenant (for renters)
  • Declaration of purchase or transfer of a vehicle
  • Application for a certificate of administrative status (non-pledge certificate)
  • Declaration of purchase or disposal for destruction
  • Declaration of destruction of a vehicle

Carte grise In addition to the cost of the service, the professional will charge you a sum corresponding to the service he performs on your behalf. This amount is freely determined by the trader.

You must mandate the professional with the form cerfa no. 13757.

The professional will:

  1. register your application for registration with the supporting documents you must provide,
  2. issue you a registration number,
  3. edit a Provisional Certificate of Registration (PIC) carte grise that he gives you and that allows you to circulate while waiting for the definitive treatment.

Carte grise After a check of the recorded data, your request is automatically transmitted to the National Printing Office, which manufactures the definitive.

Carte grise You will receive your secure fold in general within 7 working days. However, the period may be longer:

  • carte grise if your application is incomplete or needs to be studied by an instructor (the manufacturing of the TDR. can only be launched at the end of this step),
  • or based on the number of requests being processed.


because of the ongoing health crisis, the processing times are longer than usual.

You can follow the progress of your file on the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS):

Carte grise Follow your request to

Carte grise Usually, the postman gives the user the pickup against signature. Given the current health crisis, letter carriers were instructed not to ask users to sign their letters anymore.

The postman rings in the home of the user and makes sure that he is there orally. He flashes the mail, takes a picture, verifies and validates. Finally, instead of the signature, the letter carrier writes "C19- Surname-First Name" and delivers the mail to the person concerned.

In the event of absence, the postman shall file a notice of withdrawal at the post office. In this case, the title will be stored in the post office for 15 days.