Carte grise: what is the Interim Certificate of Registration (IPR)?

Verified 05 February 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The provisional registration certificate (CIP) is a provisional document issued by the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS) in case of application for registration.

General case

The provisional registration certificate (CIP) allows you to travel in France only for 1 month carte grise while waiting to receive the definitive.

Carte grise If you apply online for your registration, the online service provides you with a provisional certificate of registration (PIC), which you must download and print.

If you use a qualified professional, he will give you a hard copy of the IPC immediately.

The CPI allows circulation in France only for 1 month carte grise while waiting to receive the definitive.

The vehicle registration number shown on the PIC is the final vehicle number and authorizes the immediate fitting of the registration plates.

It is possible to sell or donate your vehicle with the CPI. The seller must then hand over to the buyer, in addition to the certificate of assignment, the CPI on which he indicates the mention Sold on (day/month/year) or Transferred on (day/month/year), accompanied by its signature.

But attention, the buyer will not be able to re-register this vehicle with the CPI: he will have to wait for the final registration certificate submitted by the seller to apply for a new registration.


for a short-term rental vehicle, the duration of the CPI shall be extended to 8 months. For diplomatic registration, it lasts 3 months.


One WW CPI allows you to travel abroad. However, the validity of a French WW CPI remains subject to the agreement of the State in which you will circulate.

One Standard WW CPI has a validity period of 4 months.

One CPI WW of a new vehicle sold incomplete for camber purposes has a validity period of 3 months. Carte grise It can be extended once for 3 months (automatically in the case where the previous dose is not delivered).