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Public jobs in the active and sedentary categories: what difference?

Verified 27 September 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

One public employment in the active category is a job that presents a particular risk or exceptional fatigue.

The jobs are classified as an active category by decree or ministerial decree.

Tableau - Examples of jobs classified as active

State civil service

Territorial civil service

Hospital civil service

  • Active staff of the National Police
  • Prison Service Supervisors
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Municipal police officers
  • Professional firefighters
  • Underground Sewer Agents
  • Staff employed as medical services supervisor
  • Special Operating Room Nurse
  • Resuscitation anesthesia nurse

Any job that is not classified as an active category is a sedentary job.

Having an active category job for a certain period of time gives you the opportunity, if you're a public servant, to retire before 62.

For some jobs, this also entitles them to pension increases and bonuses.

Subsidies are additional free quarters granted when calculating your retirement pension.

Increases are increases in the amount of the pension.

Example :

If you are a police officer in the national police force, you benefit, under certain conditions, from a bonus equal to 1/5e time spent in active policing.

Generally speaking, since the 1er in july 2011, an active category official may retire from 57 years of age if he has held an active category job for at least 17 years.

But for some jobs, conditions are different.

Example :

If you are an air traffic controller, you can retire at age 52 if you have completed at least 17 years of service.

If you are a prison supervisor, you can retire at age 52 if you have completed at least 27 years of service.

In addition, the age limit in the body or framework of jobs the age limit for jobs in the active category is earlier than the age limit for bodies or managers in sedentary occupations.

In general, the age limit is set at 62.

But for some jobs, the age limit is less than 62.

For example, if you're a prison warden, the age limit is 57.


If you are a contract worker, you are covered by the Social Security Pension Insurance and you can benefit from a early retirement for hardship in accordance with the rules laid down in that scheme.